Top 15 Craziest Shit I’ve Done While Traveling

It’s time to get REALLLLL. (I’m sorry, Mom.)

The second you jet off to go live a life abroad, everyone thinks you’re living a boujee, glamorous, insta-worthy life of no struggle and all adventure. And I’ll be honest- I sure make it seem that way on my social media. Since the beginning of my adventures, I’ve had so many people reach out to me asking me how I do it because they want to pursue this life themselves. I started thinking about it and just thought it would be completely unfair of me to not be real with them and warn them exactly what they’re signing up for.

Before you read this list, let me warn you: this is not “cute” crazy. Like, this isn’t “oh my gosh I went skydiving in New Zealand with a complete stranger strapped to me” crazy. This is messy, reallllll, crazy shit that I have done to either keep traveling, survive while traveling, or just because traveling got the best of me. Okay great, let’s go!


  1. Just embraced the fact that I have had TWO airplanes fall out of the sky because I traveled on the sketchiest airlines just because they were the cheapest. Y’all. I’m not kidding. This wasn’t a bit of turbulence. This was my ass waking up from a deep(ish) sleep, to it not being on the seat anymore and me seeing the numbers on the “altitude” part of the screen in front of me just dropping. Is my life really worth saving money by purchasing an $89 flight? Yeah, probs.
  2. Went the Eastern route instead of the Western route while flying to Australia from New York. Yeah, a 16 hour flight, 2 hour layover in China, and right back on to a 10 hour flight. But again, saving that cash monaaaay honaaay.
  3. Survived on a diet of oatmeal, chocolate, and $5 wine for 5 weeks. I literally spent every cent I had on the visa, the internship program, and my last minute flights (thank you British Consulate of New York), so London was a toughie but we did THAT.
  4. Considered taking an airbnb that was literally tents in someone’s shed. I wish I was kidding. Thank GOD I had a loyal ass friend who forbid me from doing it, but those airbnb prices for Hogmanay in Scotland were that scary.
  5. Speaking of Scotland, brought my own bagels, peanut butter, and jelly to eat for every meal. Made a few exceptions because I definitely wanted to try a boozy milkshake and some haggis, but again. She. Did. THAT.
  6. Took a job as a door-to-door salesperson selling solar panels. What’s good Australia? Plus side: found out I’m good with sales and made good money. Also got all my steps in (and then some) for a while. Down side: v-dangerous and ended up dealing with the police because of it. Let’s not do that again.
  7. Ate Oreos for breakfast every day for a week. Honestly, this one wasn’t even that bad. And I was in Bali so who can really even complain.
  8. Walked 1.5 hours in the heat because I didn’t have cell service to call a ride. Bali did me dirty here. The only way to get around really is by GoJek which is an app on your phone that has drivers pick you up on their scooter (think uber but for scooters instead of cars) (not sponsored. I wish). I was completely alone, in the middle of nowhere, and no idea how to get home, other than knowing it was a 30 minute SCOOTER ride there. Luckily, I made it on to the main road JUST before dark and got some cell service to call a ride. Which leads me to…
  9. Accepted a ride from a complete stranger with three other people on a scooter. This guy seriously had a whole ass family on there. But desperate times…
  10. Bought shots for group of strangers I had just met, and then had to survive on $0.65 for two weeks. Okay, but doesn’t everyone do this at some point?
  11. Asked boys on tinder to listen to my work presentation so I could practice it. When you travel solo and time differences are not in your favor, you’ve got to use your resources.
  12. Speaking of boys, went on a first-date binge for 2 weeks so that I could at least have one free meal a day. Not terribly proud of this one, but hey, I’m being honest.
  13. Lived out of the storage room at the cafe I work at. This was as I was low key moving out of the house I was in without anyone noticing because I hadn’t told them yet, and when my hostel was available. Shoutout to my boss for being the MVP.
  14. Went grocery shopping at ALDI for a week’s worth of groceries with 2 euro. AND SUCCEEDED. I’m putting this one on my CV as a special skill.
  15.  I continue to travel. I had a moment today where I realized how damn proud I am of all that I’ve done, how much I’ve hustled and struggled and all I’ve given up to keep going, and yet succeeded in chasing my dreams, and just how determined I am to not give up. Don’t get me wrong- there have been several crossroads where I had to decide if it was too much or if I should keep going. And this is the craziest of them all because no matter how hard it gets, I refuse to quit.

So yeah, this life is definitely amazing, inspirational, incredible, shake your heart, soul, and core fantastic. I have gained so much and have had so many wins on this journey. But its definitely not for the weak of heart. At the end of the day, just like everything in life, it all comes down to how much do you want it, and how willing are you to prove it?

Stay kind x

My Travel Story


Lets start with where my life is currently at:

I am currently living in Melbourne, Australia after moving here about 8 months ago with nothing but my suitcase and my keyboard. Yes, you read that correctly. You see, I have this wild 5 year plan to work and live in country after country, so traveling with much else wouldn’t be very practical.

So lets back it up.

Travel is not foreign to me.  I was raised bicultural with deep roots both in Uruguay and the U.S., having had the opportunity to live in both countries as I grew up. Once I got to college, it came as a surprise to absolutely nobody that I began working in the Study Abroad office. This eventually led to my own study abroad experience in the form of an international internship in London.

It was in London that I met some people that truly changed my perspective on every aspect of my life. They opened my eyes to so many new points of view that I came back to the States with a new plan for my life. I knew I needed to travel again.

Later that year, I decided to visit some of the Australian friends I made during my London program. I spent 3 out of my 4 weeks in Brisbane, and just one week in Melbourne. Well, one week was all it took. To put it into perspective: I left Melbourne with a tattoo of bridge in the city and a plan to get a visa and move here.

A few short months later as I began to get ready to graduate with my degree in Music Industry, I sold all of my belongings, found someone to take over my lease for my apartment, said goodbye to everyone and everything I called home, and bought a one way ticket to the city I had only known for 7 days.

Now, lucky for me that I already had an incredible support system waiting for me and a job in the field of experiential education where I get to meet people from all over the globe who end up being life long friends. But all of the experiences that I have had since moving here are things that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams (both in beautiful and not so wonderful ways). I spent my 22nd birthday back in Brisbane, followed by Byron Bay and finally a solo trip to Ubud, Bali. I’ve met soul mates, formed meaningful connections with so many people, and learned an immense amount about my place in this world. I’ve spoken my truth, listened to others, learned, and changed my views. And its all just the very beginning.

I already have plans to move to Dublin at the end of this year, and continue to travel and experience as much as I can in the following years. I’m hoping that through this blog I can share my stories with you all, and maybe even convince you that your dreams may not be as impossible as you think.

Dream big, be kind, and stay tuned. I promise- there’s always a plot twist xx