About Me

I’m originally from little old Rhode Island, USA. I graduated with my degree in Music Industry from the University of New Haven, and then packed up one suitcase and my keyboard for the adventure of a lifetime.

In 2015 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition. I began my prescribed treatment, but also dove into researching and speaking with holistic practitioners for months in order to arm myself with the best knowledge possible of my condition. After two years, I decided to discontinue my treatment and pursue a holistic approach instead. Through this experience, I found my passion for fitness and nutrition not for aesthetics, but for the sole purpose of health.

I use this blog to talk about my travels, my experiences, my health and nutrition, my beliefs and world views, and just my day to day shananigans (trust me- they’re wild).

I hope you’re inspired, interested, or at least get a laugh.

Stay kind xx.